Monday, April 9, 2012

Tekken 5 [PC GAME]

Download this great site one of the most popular and most interesting games I have available. This game published by Namco is the company that this release is the fifth time the company has released new versions of the site will soon have a divine right. In this version than previous versions and we are seeing some changes and new initiatives, for example, more than 20 fighters if there is free and you can select one of the fighters to participate in competitions, and in addition more than 10 players There are hidden in the game that have more power than any other choice but to get the fighters in the official tournaments. Another new feature added in this version, new techniques and tactics to combat the speed and power have been more militant movements in front of you gamers the speed and the quick and timely the keyboard or Category Games to demonstrate new techniques, as well as fighters from different fighting equipment they use to defeat their rivals. hope to get this game fun and interesting enough to be taken.
| Download Tekken 5 with latest updates |
OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Microsoft Windows 7
Cpu: Pentium 4
Ram: 2 GB
Video Cards: 512 GB
DirectX: Microsoft DirectX 10
Hard Drive: 5 GB
Note: From now on, zip with a 5% by volume of more than 100 MB are recovered. This feature makes it so difficult to extract files, absolutely zero. To use this feature, if you download the file and extract the problem encountered, the software Winrar to run, where you can download the compressed files, and all take part and select the Repair option Press the upper part of the software is available. Then select the appropriate local storage for it. After work, go to where you chose to store and extract files to do with it.
Description Installation: Download and extract the compressed file, you are faced with an ISO file. Released by software such as Nero, Alcohol 120%, Clone DVD, ..., burn. And Install to install the game file to use.
Common problems:
1) If during a game or d3dx9 problem with such severe roblems, the latest version of DirectX installed and restart the system and then run the play. The latest version of DirectX you can download here. well as in most games, there are the files you download.
2) Extract to the Parthians, note that you should disable your antivirus. Because most of the time, antivirus, crack the game has detected a virus and they clean it and why you can not crack the game and the game will not run.
3) different servers have the ability to replace each other. Thus for example if you have some part to get the Direct Link Server and the other part of the server Fileserve or Rapidshare or ..., the extract was not playing problem.


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