Saturday, April 28, 2012

Phoenix Photo Recovery v4.0 + KeyGEN

Phoenix Photo Recovery v4.0 + KeyGEN
Mediafire Download Links | 10MB
 Today, many applications in the field of recovery files are sent to the market that it has many users and their needs are met, but perhaps you've also been told that only images and photos to recovery and for this work of recovery can also have many pictures but have not been able to restore your desired use but powerful group is still very useful and easy to use software provided is for your friends using It can easily restore all your lost pictures, please. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software that was able to remove all images and pictures or formatted easily restore your data and provide you shows. Also other features like the ability to retrieve this software due to a variety of videos, music files, data and ... It from various digital devices such as computers, digital cameras, memory stick data, USB drives, cell phones, Zip Disk is, iPod and ... To become one of the most popular image recovery program and has many fans.

Features Software Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery:
- Use of the latest models for image restoration.
- Improving the previous version bugs in new version
- The ability to restore images with different formats
- Ability to restore files and data types in addition to images
- The ability to preview files before recovery
- Ability to restore file types such as audio and video formats
- Support various digital devices such as computers, digital cameras and ...
- A very simple but attractive and user-friendly environment
- Has a very high speed and power to restore it without damaging the file
- Compatible with various Windows versions, including popular Windows 7


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