Friday, March 16, 2012

Midtown Madness Portable PC Game.

Midtown Madness Portable PC Game

Driving games remain a mostly unexplored frontier. Flight simulators give you the whole countryside, spaceflight simulators give you the galaxy, but most driving games give you about six tracks. With few exceptions, in driving games you never really get the sense of freedom that the motor vehicle, in that ideal world as portrayed in car commercials, is supposed to provide. That's why Midtown Madness, because of its ambitious scope, stands poised to redefine the genre's standards: The game doesn't contain traditional tracks, so much as the entire city of Chicago mapped out by the block, complete with all its famous landmarks from the Sears Tower to Wrigley Field. The city lives and breathes rather like the real thing, with variable traffic and weather conditions, pedestrians, traffic lights, cops, and freeways. And you get to drive wherever you want within the windy city, and however you want. Although its driving mechanics aren't terribly sophisticated, it can be a lot of fun because it affords you that very freedom that all driving games should but rarely deliver.


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