Friday, March 16, 2012

FlashBoot 2.1m + Portable With License - Making Flash Boot - USe CD as USB Flash Drive .

FlashBoot 2.1m + Portable With License - Making Flash Boot - USe CD as USB Flash Drive
Mediafire Download Links | 32MB
FlashBoot 2.1m Startup disk boot disk or as needed for each system user has an urgent need to bring the system up and things required by the operating system and perform such installation. But do not just by the Diskettes be. Today, a variety of memory are also common in high speed. FlashDisk that you are connected to the system via the USB port of the adversaries. FlashBoot powerful and very useful software that lets you build the Bootable gives FlashDisk and after this you just enter your FlashDisk Please solve the problem. ability to convert bootable diskette and StartUp CD Bootable to FlashDisk. Making Bootable for all operating systems, making Password Recovery Disk for Windows NT/2000/XP and Khhay Some features of this software are useful. Software features FlashBoot 2.1m: Convert Windows Live CD to USB flash drive Convert any CD and DVD Bootable flash drive with the boot to boot from USB USB floppy boot disk to boot into DOS USB floppy boot disk to boot into Linux Belonging to each software to convert any boot floppy bootable flash drive Create bootable USB flash drive with at least the startup files Create bootable USB with password recovery Admin Windows NT/2000/XP Making USB bootable diskette driver from Windows NT/2000/XP Copy a bootable USB flash drive and boot it on another flash Flash boot Windows 98 and Me installed and not installed from source on Windows The advantage of flash boot floppy and CD and DVD: High-speed flash No restrictions on size and support for higher capacity flash New windows and a large feature set on the flash Flash drives will be cheaper than its volume compared with the floppy and CD and DVD Less damage to the flash compared to CD and DVD, and floppy Lower power consumption than the flash drive, CD, DVD and more fit for laptops Ability to take backup on USB in the boot. If information can not be copied onto CD or DVD in boot mode. No need to burn on re-flash (delete and rewrite capabilities in Flash)


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