Friday, March 16, 2012

Award Keylogger Pro 2.26 With Patch - Spy System .

Award Keylogger Pro 2.26 With Patch - Spy System
Mediafire Download Links | 4MB
Award Keylogger Pro 2.26 software is high speed and simple user interface and the flow of information on how to use other users of the computer in your absence has been designed. Award Keylogger Software 98 download which has the capability All information obtained from the computer to the settings you've already done to send a secure email address or FTP. Other features of the software that you can download the software to support 98 Taking pictures of the screen when certain words are typed out. For example, when you decided before you were typing a word Word of the screen image to be taken immediately! Another feature of this software is to use minimal system resources so that the user does not have any sense of slowness in the system. Features Software Award Keylogger Pro 2.26: Hiding as a tool for Windows Very easy to use software, even for Beginners Ability to hide or run the software in Windows Log of the messages exchanged in an Instant Information recorded on typed passwords Continuing to provide screenshots of a user functions View slideshow of screenshots of All done with mouse clicks and movements recorded Remember all sites Visited Mantyvryng All Users in the system Hide the Startup software Compatible with a variety of languages ​​for keyboard keys Ability to save the output as HTML files Compatible with different versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7

Patch should be installed to use the software set up and run after you run out of file you want to run kl.exe which is the old version because this version for this Patch executable file name to change wak.exe After you open a window so that you do kl.exe Myzaryd exe file on the Files of type option option-click wak.exe I do not crack Software.


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